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Day 1:

On 17th December 2019, 12 students and two teachers boarded the school bus for a trip to ‘Kitaabo’. The world of knowledge, imagination and fantasy. It is a literature festival organized in Vidya Ashram international School for 3 days. Basically, it was a workshop for students to discover their talent, potential, creativity and skill. Number of workshops were conducted in the open grounds in colourful tents while few were conducted in the auditorium. The workshop schedule for 17 December 2019 was: –

  1. Story telling skill – The participant from our school were Venkat Hanuman class V – B, Nidhi G Bhat class V-A and Samiksha Thakur of class IV -F. It was conducted in a a colourful tent marked Kalpana Kosh.
  2. Poetry writing – This workshop was conducted in in a beautifully covered tent marked Kavyasthan. The participants from our school were Preeti Choudhary class IV – G, Naman Kumar class V – M and Ishani Nath of class VI – L. They were taught how to write Poems.
  3. Turning books into film – This workshop was conducted in auditorium named Popcornistan. With the help of audio-visual clip, students were explained to visualize a story and make a film of their own creation, keeping the essence of the story intact. It was presented very effectively Khushi of class IX – A, Manisha of class IX – H and Shashank of class VIII – B took active part in this workshop.
  4. Breaking down cinema – This workshop was conducted for the senior students they were taught to recreate the old movies according to the present time and need using their knowledge and imagination. Student participants were Roshni, Sneha and Sonia of class XI – A.

Other than this workshop there were book stall full of lovely books suitable for all age and interest there were artists from different state teaching students how to sketch, paint, make collage using waste materials and natural colours made from turmeric, coffee, flowers, indigo, stone etc. There was a space on the wall titled Doodle wall for the budding artist to try their hands. It was a great learning and exciting experience for the students and they have gained a lot from these workshops.