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The world celebrates the Book Reading Day on 19th June every year. On this occasion, a book reading competition (English and Hindi) was organized for the students of classes VI to XII under different categories.

GROUP -I (Classes VI to VIII)

Book Reading Competition was conducted in both languages (English and Hindi) on 24 June. It was conducted online on MST platform. English and Hindi teachers were present to co-ordinate and witness the event. Rules related to the competition were announced in the beginning and parameters of judgement were also discussed in front of students. In each category six students took part in this competition.

The following parameters were used to assess the performance of the students.

  1. Presentation Punctuation C. Voice Modulation      D. Fluency

GROUP- II (Classes IX and X)

The students showcased their visionary and originative side by analyzing the future of characters from the books that they read and presented it beautifully in their respective videos.

GROUP-III (Classes XI and XII)

Students were asked to create a sequel of the book that they read. The results were much appreciated as the students rolled their sleeves and created ingenious masterpieces.

The student participation was seen in large numbers and their love for reading was on display. The judgement was done on the basis of originality of content, creativity, clarity of thought, fluency and presentation skills of the participants. The language teachers (English and Hindi) were the judges for this activity.