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Swachhta hi Suraksha

Swachhta hi Suraksha

1. Swachhta Pakhwada 2019 is being observed at APS Jodhpur w.e.f. 1 December, 2019 to 15 December, 2019 with the aim to make our students more aware about important issue of cleanliness and plastic waste. The theme of the event is “Plastic se Raksha – Swachhta hi Suraksha”.

2. The students are participating wholeheartedly and with full enthusiasm. Plogging was done by the students of Army Public school, Jodhpur on 12 Dec, 2019. A street skit was also conducted highlighting the critical and grave issues of plastic waste and litter in our country. The skit conducted in the street of Gurjar Market, Ajmer Road, Near Army School, Jodhpur gave message to the people making them more aware about the duties and responsibilities in the society.

3. Along with this, distribution of the paper bags was done to the local shopkeepers in order to generate awareness on harmful effects of plastic use and ensuring active participation for the same.

4. During Swachhta Pakhwada 2019, Go green club in the school was established in order to sustain activities and to ensure that this habit is ingrained permanently in the minds of the students.

5. We are sanguine that such events will go a long way in strengthening our societal structure and curbing the evil of plastic from our Nation.