Teacher’s Day Celebration

05 Sep

Teacher’s Day Celebration


Date: 5th September, 2020

Teacher’s day is celebrated every year on 5th September marking the birth anniversary of the second president of independent India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Teacher’s Day serves as a great reminder to appreciate teachers for their services which they continue to render to the students and also to the community as a whole. Further, it is also teachers who motivate their students to do better in life. Thus, it recognizes their efforts to produce excellent artists, doctors, musicians, dancers, engineers and more.

A good teacher is a brilliant light, illuminating the prism of life and revealing to students a rainbow of possibilities. Caring, trust and mutual respect in a teacher-student’s relationship, increases achievement of the students.

During this Pandemic APS Jodhpur celebrated Teacher’s Day virtually on MS Teams through live performance. On this day Chairman APS Jodhpur Brig NJ Bhattacharji, Principal (Dr) Mrs. Tabassum Khan and  Vice Principal Mr. G S Chouhan appreciated the efforts made by our teachers who have been a ray of hope during such tough time of COVID. Their words of motivation surely acts as a positive reinforcement for the teachers as well as students. Our enthusiastic children made beautiful e-cards, prepared cultural programmes and sent their thanks giving video messages which was compiled and presented Live through MS Teams.