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“SCIENCE PROJECT OUT OF WASTE MATERIAL” became the first co-curricular activity of the session 2021-22. The students of classes VI to XII participated in competition held on 18th June, 2021 with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The focus of the activity was to create a platform to exhibit the creative talent of the students.

It aimed at inculcating the values like preservation, recycling, conservation, reuse, sense etc in the young heart and minds by demonstrating this noble act of caring for our environment.

The children participated earnestly in the fun-filled activity and came up with amazing ideas. Children used waste material and made air cooler, water dispenser, cable car, wind turbine, vacuum cleaner, table lamps to name a few.

The judges for the event were Mrs Abhilasha Shukla, Mrs Kalyani Rathore and Mrs Monika Rathore (for classes VI to VIII), Ms Kavita Gaur, Mr Deepak Kumar and Mrs Meera Rathore (for classes IX to XII) who judged the students based on their creativity, imagination, originality and innovativeness, scientific thought/principle and utility, economic aspect, portability, durability along with the student’s presentation, explanation and demonstration skills.

It was amazing to see how scrap could be transformed into such useful and beautiful articles.