Helpline: Mon to Sat
8 AM to 4 PM
Class VI to XII:-
Class I to V:-
+91 9414005442
+91 9414005443

APS-Jodhpur conducts curricular and co-curricular activities under House activities. For that the students from I to XII are evenly divided into four houses named after our Great Historians and Scientists. Each house has its own house colour and motto.  The house colours and mottos are as under:

(a) Aryabhatta House – Yellow colour
Motto – Faster, Higher, Stronger

(b) Rajendra House – Green colour
Motto – Be Hundred percent; Be Victorious

(c) Raman House – Blue colour
Motto – Build it high & build it strong

(d) Tagore House – Red colour
Motto – Sweat, Zest and get the Best

Member of Houses ( Session: 2019-20 )

Mr. A.K. Khan
Mr. Kamlesh Vaishnav
(Deputy House Master)
Mrs. M Bali
Mr. Mahendra Singh
Ms. Bhavna Rathore
Mr. Rajendra Pareek
Ms. Seema Rathore
Mrs. Vandana Dadhich
Mrs. Asha Sharma
Mrs. Monika Rathore
Mrs. Kalyani Rathore
Dr. Amarnath Sinha
Mr. Dalpat Singh
(Deputy House master)
Mrs. Jyotshna Chouhan
Mr. Prakash C PrajapatMrs. Anju Sihag
Mrs. Neetu Kapoor
Ms. Kajal Sharma
Mrs. Seema Dadhich
Mrs. Manju Choudhary
Mrs. Madhu Choudhary
Mrs. Jyoti Sharma
Mrs. Rekha Sharma
Mrs. Rama Yadav
Mrs. Dkshina charan
(Deputy House Master)
Mrs. Abhilasha Shukla
Ms. Chellamal
Mr. Manish Vyas
Mrs. Naval Parihar
Mrs. Suman Soni
Mrs. Suman Lata
Mrs. Anu Choudhary
Mr. CS Trivedi
Mrs. Rekha chouhan
Ms. Kavita Gaur
Mrs. Namita Pushkarna
(Deputy House Master)
Mrs. Santoshi Rathore
Mrs. Laxmi
Mrs. Sonu Mathur
Mrs. Priyanka Kanwar
Ms. Vandana Rathore
Mrs. Geetika
Mr. Khemraj
Ms. Disha Pareek


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