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“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

New initiative was started in Army Public School with the dream, where every student will have the same environment to learn and grow on their own pace. To make this dream real five days workshop was organized on the need of inclusive education and importance of resource room in the school. Teachers were trained in this workshop i.e. how to fill the checklist of individual student, their assessment (GLAD), and intervention plan. After learning from the workshop, assessment of 160 students were done, based on their GLAD, individual intervention plan was designed for English, Hindi and Mathematics subjects.

104 students fall under Remedial support, 29 students under self-support & 12students under special support. Next step was to start their teaching classes respectively. In this series we called parents for making them understand the concept of (Remedial support) Resource room its teaching process. we convinced parents for the classes as their major concern was about their child’s regular classes, Parents signed the consent letter after a discuss on their child’s problem areas & half –yearly syllabus. In this way we succeed in creating a healthy & supportive environment among students, parents & teachers. Right now designing of half-yearly question papers are the process as per student’s grade level.